bebidasGAMA 2000 is a company specialized in the supply of the major brands of liquor and other beverages.

We are working not only with major international brands, we supply also known brands of lesser renown but of great quality.

In our warehouse we have numerous products in stock allowing us to be able to supply to our customers as required. The products are stored following all the standards of quality to be kept in perfect condition while maintaining its quality.

Our experts are constantly looking for new products, which together with the major brands with which we worked, allows us to offer a catalog of products, which are quite large and quality.

Here are some of the products we work with:
Whiskies, Rum, Gin, Appetizers, Vodka, Beer, Cognac, Champagnes, Cava, Wines.

Currently we supply to large hotels, Hotel chains, pleasure boats, cruise ships and ocean liners inside the port of Valencia (Spain).

We are authorized suppliers of some international brands and we link with other brands between the official distributors and our customers.

NATIONAL: +34 961 560 905  |  INTERNATIONAL: +34 961 108 881  |  FAX: +34 963128044  |  SKYPE: gama-2000