GAMA 2000

In GAMA 2000 we have a complete catalog of products with high quality and top brands,  this allows us to cover the needs of all our customers.

We collaborate with some of the best and exclusive companies around the world adding new products to our catalog which may be of interest to our customers.

We are authorized suppliers of some international brands and we link with other brands between the official distributors and our customers.

We distinguish ourselves by our flexibility, efficiency and profitability, that makes us a strong business in the supply sector. We know the demands of this sector and the needs of our customers, so that our service is fast and efficient.

We have achieved a high degree of professionalism that has allowed us to develop a quality management system, we have an excellent reputation in the international market, This has allowed us to become in the preferred supplier to many companies around the world.

In GAMA 2000 we have launched delivery systems that conform to international standards, efficient logistics systems and documentation processes well organized.


Currently we supply to large hotels, Hotel chains, pleasure boats, cruise ships and ocean liners inside the port of Valencia (Spain).

Our product catalog contains beverages (Whiskey, Rum, Gin, Snacks, Vodka, Beers, Brandy, Champagnes, Cava, Wine, … ), Catering and health products of high consumption.

We have products in stock to be able to supply to our customers at any time and at the best price.

In order to provide an efficient service and confidence we have several warehouses perfectly adapted and conditioners to maintain the quality of all products. In this way the products are kept in perfect condition until it is preparing and sent directly to our customers. Our ordering system and our sophisticated logistics allow us a quick delivery and in perfect condition.

NATIONAL: +34 961 560 905  |  INTERNATIONAL: +34 961 108 881  |  FAX: +34 963128044  |  SKYPE: gama-2000